Septic Do’s & Don'ts


  • DO have your system inspected annually.
  • DO conserve water by taking shorter showers.
  • DO fix dripping faucets.
  • DO turn off water while brushing your teeth or washing dishes.
  • DO compost your garbage instead of using a garbage disposal.
  • DO learn the location of your septic system and drain field. Keep a sketch of it handy for service visits.
  • DO keep a record of pumping, inspections and other maintenance.


  • DON'T allow anyone to drive or park over any part of the system.
  • DON'T pour harsh chemicals down the drain.
  • DON'T flush cat litter, cigarette butts, or coffee grounds.
  • DON'T dump the following nonperishable or poisons. They can kill the beneficial bacteria that treats your wastewater.
    • Non-degradables: Grease, disposable diapers, baby wipes, feminine hygiene products, plastics, etc.
    • Poisons: gasoline, oil, paint, paint thinner, pesticides, antifreeze, etc.