powerpac Benefits

  • Safe and easy to use
  • Improves system's biological stability
  • Environmentally friendly and USDA Approved
  • Works to eliminate odors
  • Replenishes deficient bacteria in system

bluewater’s Septic Tank Powerpac

Your septic system needs bacteria to break down organic matter and keep itself active and efficient. Normally, bacteria are introduced into your system via normal use. However, many common home care products (anti-bacterial soaps, household cleaning compounds, detergents, bleach, sink & tub cleaners, water softeners) can actually kill these beneficial bacteria.

The bluewater™ powerpac has been manufactured to replace the bacteria that are destroyed. Containing a 1-year supply of this USDA-approved bacterial additive, the powerpac will improve the performance of your septic system.

Simply flush one specialized grain pouch down the toilet each month.

powerpac is great for all households and can provide a great benefit for seasonal residents whose systems have remained dormant for several months. Our special bacterial additives can help revive a system.

The activity in your tank will increase and your system will be encouraged to run properly and remain balanced. Each environmentally-friendly pouch contains billions upon billions of the right, laboratory-enhanced bacteria that will help replenish the previously deficient septic system, reduce odors, and reduce the risk of solid build up and overflow.

To order your powerpac, call us at (800) 593-6449. All major credit cards are accepted.

More about the bluewater™ powerpac

powerpac is safe and easy to use. It has been used countless of times in households like yours. We will ship a 1-year supply to your door for only $59.95 plus shipping and handling. That breaks down to only $5 a month to help your system stay strong.

SPECIAL NOTE: Annual Pumping is Highly Recommended

A monthly maintenance approach can prevent problems with your septic system. For that reason, we recommend that you use powerpac as an ancillary product. The best way to keep your system healthy is to call bluewater™ for annual pumpings. With annual pumping, your full year's abuse can be closely monitored and costly overflows avoided.

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