bluewater's Green Tech

"Water is life's mother and medium. There is no life without water."
Albert Szent-Gyorgyi 1937 Nobel Laureate for Medicine

To maintain our civilization, our economic prosperity and our quality of life, all of us need to do what we can to conserve water and energy.

Bluewater™ uses cost-effective trenchless and septic technology that prevents unnecessary use of water and loss of water. According to a 2008 study prepared at the Dept. of Earth, Environmental and Oceanographic Studies at UMASS-Boston, bluewater's special recycler trucks reduce overall carbon emissions for residential septic servicing by roughly half - and by 60 percent for commercial septic operations. Our trucks also use a special process that returns over 90 percent of a tank's "graywater" along with the beneficial bacteria that septic tanks need to break down organic materials. As a result, our Cape Cod operations alone are able to retain up to 33 million gallons of water in local aquifers that would otherwise be lost to the wastewater stream. Read the study

Because trenchless technology avoids the need to excavate, eliminating tons of carbon emission and the burning of fossil fuels, it also reduces the time needed to complete jobs and protects sensitive environments from unnecessary disruption.

Our proprietary bluesteam™ coating and lining material, and our 3P resin liners, possesses outstanding insulating properties for underground steam and condensation pipes, preventing energy from leaching away during transmission.

And finally, trenchless rehabilitation of drain, drinking water and steam pipes means that crucial water infrastructure can be restored to better-than-new condition without opening building walls that may contain asbestos or mold.

Compared to other alternatives, all of bluewater's methods and materials contribute to a cleaner environment and a reduced carbon footprint.