Green Tech

bluesteam™ Technology

With their energy costs soaring, institutions like schools, colleges universities, and hospitals are working hard to make their heating plants and systems as efficient as possible.  Some have already built new heating plants, others are planning them for the near future.  But in many cases, one of the principal sources of inefficiency is heat and water loss through compromised pipes.  Much of our nation’s steam piping infrastructure desperately needs rehabilitation, yet traditional excavation techniques are too expensive, too invasive, too disruptive and too time-consuming for may institutions.

Bluewater can help.  Our proprietary bluesteam™ BWDP-23 ceramic epoxy lining is a revolutionary product that is heat-resistant (>300ºF), impact-resistant (ASTM 29794 – 50 in-lbs.), electrolysis- and conductivity-resistant (ASTM D149 Dielectric Strength >1,750 volts/mil), and corrosion-resistant (passes ASTM D5894). 

For the first time in history, bluesteam™ brings the cost, time, energy and quality advantages of cured-in-place piping to hi-heat, lo-pressure pipes.  You will not only save money by avoiding the cost of conventional pipe replacement, but you'll go right on saving money because you will no longer be losing heat and water into the surrounding soil.

And to top it all off, you won't have to open trenches, walls or foundations to get the job done.  With bluesteam™, you avoid the security, environmental, and operational problems caused by conventional excavation and replacement, and you still end up with a superior product that costs you less.

No one else in the world can offer our unique steam and condensation pipe solutions.   Contact us today to learn more.